This Sunday on VEEP

Have I mentioned I'm on this week's episode of VEEP??  Sunday night, 10:30, HBO!

Stand up with Eve Ensler

For V-Day!  I'll perform Kate Clinton's piece from A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant & A Prayer this Saturday, April 19 at the DC Festival. Center, benefitting Men Can Stop Rape.  I'm in awe of the women and men in this cast and the Ultimate Force--director Star Johnson!


Role Research

I can admit my audition prep got a little out of control when I found myself at the Library of Congress, researching prostitution during the Revolutionary War.



Just wrapped an episode of VEEP as Karen, the affably impertinent community service leader.  Pure joy and enlightenment to have lines with Julia Louis-Dreyfus--it's like flying on her magic carpet when she improvises!  The entire cast glided through the writers' brisk and penetrating wit, guided by the fully open and sharp instincts of Chris Morris directing.  Every single member of the cast and crew found time to be warm and kind during the creative frenzy.  Thank you, Pat Moran, for reading me perfectly!

NEW PLAY with lots of surprises

. . .  called The Clearing written by Jake Jeppson during his time as Yale's Jerome fellow.  The Clearing is poised for an Off Broadway debut with Drama Desk winning director Josh Hecht and a fine ensemble of actors including Brian Patrick Murphy, whom you'll recognize as my scene partner on Deadly Affairs.  Brian is a consummate actor and always the first person to offer a hand.  You can click on the Film Clips link above to see him in a Deadly Affairs clip.   

 And click below for more about The Clearing and how you can make it happen!  So many on NY's theater edge have supported this play--even my ultimate playwright idol, Sarah Ruhl--you will want to count yourself among the brilliant fans!!!

Get your VOICE on

Hey, New Yorkers, you are so lucky that you can study with master voice teacher, Joan Melton.  She now has ongoing classes on Mondays or Saturdays at Pearl.  You can work songs, monologues, or whatever you want to shout out.  Joan will guide you to achieve any vocal feat--she's helped me with all kinds of material, from Shakespeare to fake opera singing.  And she teaches the most amazing screaming and laughing techniques!       

Airing soon . . .

Susan Lucci's Deadly Affairs on DiscoveryID, Saturday, August 24 at 10 p.m. and Sunday August 25 at 3 p.m. 

I play Maria DiMaggio, a CPA who marries a Jersey Boy (played by the super fun and inventive Brian Murphy) and . . . well, let's just say Deadly Affairs never end well.  No spoiler to say that I loved playing Maria--huge emotional range, strong woman, loads of improv and she speaks Italian, too!


What a humbling honor to have auditioned to play a woman who glitters with inspiration: Louise Zamperini.  This film, Unbroken, surely will be nothing short of brilliant: incredible life (of Louis Zamperini, war hero and Olympian), incredible book (by Laura Hillenbrand), incredible screen writing (by the Coen Bros) and incredible director (Angelina Jolie).  It was a dream come true to go to LA and read for this one.  I can't take my eyes off Louise's gorgeously written sides, even as I can only hope for a callback . . . .

Styled for HASH premiere party

Enormous thanks to Jennifer Elizabeth Miller ( for her gorgeous scarf and Betsy Garcete ( for her stunning dress!  Outrageous, record-breaking number of compliments on this look Saturday night at the premiere party for Michael Anthony Brown's film, HASH.

Hash Premiere Dress.jpg

Jaw Dropped for Kathleen Turner

Mind-blowing that Kathleen Turner invited me to audition for her, but I was not expecting it to be just she and I in the room working on a monologue--wow! In just 10 minutes, she gave me the most perspicacious and useful direction I've ever had. Her advice has moved me forward as an actor and as a person. My decades-long performance crush on her is justified absolutely. Kathleen Turner--a brilliant star in every possible sense.

Anne Champan and Erica Arvold, Casting Goddesses

What a spectacularly fun meeting with Anne and Erica!  Great chat, fun direction on a monologue and a surprise read for Ridley Scott's Killing Kennedy.  Who would see me and think Lady Bird Johnson but these brilliant, creative CDs!?  Thank you!!!!


Saturday: Super informative workshop with Justo Dieguez, founder of the Keysi Fight Method.  His life growing up in the coal mines of Spain, developing this self-defense training from his reactions to being beaten as a child, and then finding a niche in Hollywood, choreographing Dark Night, Clash of the Titans, MI3, Game of Thrones -- inspiring!

We learned a load of practical methods for on screen fighting.  Director Marcos Moreno kept us focused on the role of the camera and Justo kept us MOVING.  

From One Shoot to the Next

Just finished shoot as the lovely CPA wife in "Deadly Affairs" airing on Discovery in June--such fun!!! Now in rehearsal to play the baddie in COAL.

Thank you, Amy Gossels!!!!

for calling me in for two projects . . . one was cancelled, but the other?  I BOOKED it.  Working with Art Not War on a project for MomsRising.